Friday, 21 August 2015

The Marlborough Race!

Breath deep and jump into 'the learning pit'...

Go to six 'Pit Stops' around Blenheim to answer questions and provide corresponding evidence in the form of links and images.

Record your answers and upload evidence in a team Google doc before editing and uploading into this blog. 

Create a team blog post about your quest with your answers and evidence.

THINK: Creativity, in the way you collect information and present your post! E.g How could we incorporate UDL principles into our post?

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    Coming up on The Marlborough Race!
    Tuesday September 8th at 9am. Marlborough eleaders battle it out on land and possibly at sea and in the air for a chance to win big! #GetYourRaceOn15

    You can use any mode of transportation you wish, including airplanes, hot air balloons, helicopters, trucks, bicycles, taxicabs, cars, trains, buses, boats and by foot.

    But! you could also choose to complete this race virtually! Therefore, your team may decide to disband and work on your blog post in different, yet collaborative ways... 

    Keep the following points in mind as you complete your quest:

    • There may be points deducted for any copyright infringement
    • There will be extra points for all ‘creative commons’ licensed images or images acquired through the use of a mobile device at actual locations
    • Creativity, ingenuity and a willingness to 'give it a go!' is greatly encouraged and will be rewarded
    • Keep others informed, or send them down the garden path by using The Marlborough Race Twitter hashtag #GetYourRaceOn15
    • Look out for extra points that can be earned at pit stops will be tweeted out with the hash tag #GetYourRaceOn15

    Your 'pit' scaffolds

    1. An accompanying facilitator
    2. Your team
    3. Four pages in this blog with relevant information and right side links to assist you in this race. For example: Digital Citizenship > How to search for free re-usable images online using Google and Creative Commons. These pages will give you links and instructions for accessing and displaying re-usable images online so that you can be a good digital citizen (and get extra points for not infringing any copyright law)
    4. The Internet.

    How to create your post: We will assign a team member with authoring rights to do this. 

    Ensure you have compiled all your answers, evidence and any 'extra points stuff' into a Google doc before creating your post. Work with your facilitator on this if you need to.

    We will share, comment and 'judge' each others posts after lunch. 
    1. Select the white pencil icon in the orange square to create a post:
    2. Start posting in your post doc. It will look like this:
    3. Select the 'Blogging' page to find out more about writing posts. 

    Ready, steady, go!!! 


    Publish all answers and display evidence in some way in your blog post. You may need to consider creative and interesting ways to do this before you start the race. You may also need to regroup with your facilitator to create your post.

    Watch for extra points tweets #GetYourRaceOn15


    NB - Matakana Chocolate Factory

    1. What confectionary is currently being made in the show room kitchen?
    1. Take a photograph of the showroom hostess or chefs - you must be a good digital citizen and get permission to use the photo on our Marlborough Cluster Blog. Proof of this permission could be a video clip or sound bite. 
    2. For a bonus point collect a tasting sample for each of your Facilitators


    NB - Old Saint Mary's Convent (Take the private road to the left - it's ok!!)

    1. How many stained glass windows are on the second level of the building? 
    1. A brochure from the stand at the entrance - record a quote from this brochure on the Cluster Blog, making sure you give attribution for the source. 
    2. For a bonus point introduce yourself to the Manager and find out her name (She might not be around so this is all down to luck)


    AK- Question: Rapaura War Hero Photo

    Objective- social media, culturally responsive practice Via Rapaura’s Facebook page, 22 May, Room One shared some learning they had done around Rapaura ANZAC War Heroes - Norman Jellyman was one of those heroes- visit where his parents are buried and take photo of their headstone- make sure you cleanse your hands with water on leaving the cemetery Rapaura Facebook- Direct Link


    AK- Question: Practice being socially responsible when using images

    Objective- Social Media, Digital Citizenship- Find your way to  St Claire’s Winery. Ask one of the winery personnel what they wine they would recommend and why. Make sure you ask the assistant what your purpose is and where you intend to put the video. If they agree to be videoed put their video on the blog. If not record that information using the web tool VOKI or record and upload your own video.


    Question: Nicki and Nina saw new season strawberries for sale in two places on our way to Rapaura School on Monday morning. 
    1. Find 2 places selling strawberries and compare the prices.
    2. Do strawberries continue to ripen after being picked?
    3. For extra points bring a strawberry back for Nina, Allanah and Nicki


    Question: Marlborough Golf Club in Blenheim.
    1. Find out the green fees for visitors and the cost of being a full member.
    2. For someone who finds golf challenging what is the best tip from one of the members for the office people can give you.
    3. Take photos of the course and if you can, get a ride on a golf cart.